Peterbilt Radiator - Solder On Tank TR7442S

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OE Core Size42 15/16 x 39 3/8 x 1 7/8
ConnectionsInlet 2 1/2 & Outlet 2 1/2
NotesUse TR7399S if Core Height needed is 22 3/16, TR7440S if 34, TR7441P if 37, TR7420P if 26

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Products specifications
Core Size 42 15/16 x 39 3/8 x 1 7/8
OEM Numbers 1065, 20013704, 205003, 238625, 239169, 437442, 437442P, 437442S, 559169, 559169A, 7390, 770017, 770017AP, 770017ST, 7717, 8323, ABPN2020013704, AFA000528, BT7390, BTC7390, CTVTM83233, CTVTU83233, CVTM82763, CVTU82763, F3160851101310, F3160851101330, F3160851101340, F3160851102310, F3160851102320, F3160851104310, F3160851111310, F3160851112310, F3160851112320, F3160851122320, F3160851131310, F3160851132320, F3160851201310, F3160851202310, F3160851202320, F3160851203310, F3160851204310, F3160851212310, F3160851221310, F3160851222320, F3160851231310, F3160851231330, F3160851232310, F3160851232320, F3160852101310, F3160852102310, F3160852102520, FLX000528, H5407, HD205003, HDC010175, HDC010175PA, HDC010175SK, N9414001, N9414002, N9414003, PB70, PB70PA, PB70WF, PE112, PET19, RADPE112, S7717, S7717PA, SCSI238625, SCSI239169, SER77174LH, SPI20013704, SRM7717, TR8625, TR9169