Charge Air Cooler Test Kit

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Leaky charge air coolers can cost you money by robbing your engine of turbo boost. This loss of boost will reduce your engines horsepower and MPG.


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  1. Leaking charge air coolers leak away turbo boost. Low or no boost means MPG loss and horsepower loss. $/Gallon x 600 ( Gallons saved per year when finding a leak )= $avings per Year *
  2. The test is easy. In most cases you can test the charge air cooler without removing it from the truck. If it doesn’t leak, all you are out is the cost of the test. If it does leak, fix or replace the charge air cooler and you can stuff extra $100 bills in your pocket every year with the fuel savings, plus your power is renewed!
  3. But I thought a little charge air cooler leak was OK? So how much is a little leak? Think of your charge air cooler as a water faucet - a drip every once in a while is OK. But drip, drip, drip means a big water bill or in our case a loss of fuel mileage and power. A technician can tell you the specification, but if you don’t test you won’t know, or see details in back.

So test and save, it’s that EASY!

* Using average base assumptions, Average daily trip of 300 miles per day