Western Star Charge Air Cooler CA1275

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OE Core Size38.13 x 29.01 x 2.21
ConnectionsInlet 4.00 & Outlet 4.00

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Products specifications
Make Western Star
Core Size 38.13 x 29.01 x 2.21
OEM Numbers 022, 0511206000, 0521206000, 05212206000, 1142B, 18204, 1A19169, 1A19170, 1A19171, 1A19172, 1A19173, 1A19174, 1A19175, 1A19176, 1A19177, 1A19178, 1A19179, 1A19180, 1A19181, 1A19182, 1A19183, 1A19184, 1A19185, 1A19186, 1A19187, 1A19188, 1A19193, 1A19233, 1A19233G, 1A19334, 1A19335, 1A19376, 1A19377, 1A19378, 1A19379, 1A19380, 1A19381, 1A19382, 1A19384, 1A19385, 1A19386, 1A19387, 1A19388, 1A19389, 1A19390, 1E005491, 1E0054910000, 1E3591, 1E4781, 1E4783, 1E4873, 1E4873D, 1E4893, 1E4893D, 1E5491, 1S4873, 1S4893, 1S5491, 200013536, 200013537, 200013538, 200013540, 200013541, 200013542, 200013546, 200013549, 200013550, 200013553, 200013554, 222226, 222273416, 22273416, 374135E, 3E9526, 44014703, 44014704, 441275, 44WS35E, 521206000, A0521110000, A0521110001, A0521110002, A0521110003, A0521110004, A0521110005, A0521110006, A0521110007, A0521110008, A0521110009, A0521110012, A0521110013, A0521110014, A0521110015, A0521110016, A0521110017, A0521110018, A0521110020, A0521110021, A0522591000, A0522591001, A0522591002, A0522591003, A0522591004, A0522591005, A0522591006, A0522592000, A0522592001, A0522592002, A0522592003, A0522592004, A0522592005, A0522592006, A0522960000, A0523149001, A0523151000, A0523151001, A0523153001, A0523155001, A0523157001, A0523159001, A0527102000, A0527949000, ABPN0944014704, BHWS35E, BT1142B, BTC1142B, BTC1142EXTHP, CA2226, CAC142B, DHT35E, DHTWS35E, DURWSDAC35E, FLX011507, HDH010313, HDH010313BP, IE4873, IE4893, IE5491, LT7002, MOD1A19169, MOD1A19170, MOD1A19171, MOD1A19172, MOD1A19173, MOD1A19174, MOD1A19175, MOD1A19176, MOD1A19177, MOD1A19178, MOD1A19179, MOD1A19180, MOD1A19181, MOD1A19182, MOD1A19183, MOD1A19184, MOD1A19185, MOD1A19186, MOD1A19187, MOD1A19188, MOD1A19193, MOD1A19233, MOD1A19233G, MOD1A19334, MOD1A19335, MOD1A19376, MOD1A19377, MOD1A19378, MOD1A19379, MOD1A19380, MOD1A19381, MOD1A19382, MOD1A19384, MOD1A19385, MOD1A19386, MOD1A19387, MOD1A19388, MOD1A19389, MOD1A19390, MOD1E005491, MOD1E3591, MOD1E4781, MOD1E4873, MOD1E4873D, MOD1E4893, MOD1E4893D, MOD1E5491, MOD1S4873, MOD1S4893, MOD3E9526, N0441275, N43061, RHT022, SC222226, SCSI222226, SPI44014703, SPI44014704, SRMWS35E, USWSDAC35E, WES18204, WES18204ED, WES18204N, WS35E, WS35EMAX, WS5491, WSDAC35E, WSR1142B, WWS200013536, WWS200013537, WWS200013538, WWS200013540, WWS200013541, WWS200013542, WWS200013546, WWS200013549, WWS200013550, WWS200013553, WWS200013554, WWS222273416, ZGCC018