Ford / Sterling Radiator - Plastic Tank TR7202P

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OE Core Size28 1/4 x 27 1/16 x 1 7/8
ConnectionsInlet 2 & Outlet 2
EOC & O/C Notes18" oil cooler
NotesUse TR7197P if no oil cooler is needed

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Availability: In stock
Products specifications
Make Ford / Sterling
Core Size 28 1/4 x 27 1/16 x 1 7/8
OEM Numbers 081211F, 1AH00012S, 1AH00031S, 1AH0012S, 1SA00101, 1SA00101R, 1SA0010R, 20011523, 238668, 239413, 239414, 2AH00066, 376753381, 3AH001420, 437202S, 557202, 900018, 900018BT, 900018PT, 900018ST, 9018, ABPN2020011523, CAVTM81633, CAVTU81633, CR9413, CTAVTM81633, CTAVTU81633, CTVTM81633, CTVTU81633, EXO1AH00012S, EXO1AH00031S, EXO3AH001420, F5HT8009BC, F5HT8009BD, F5HT8009CC, F5HT8009D, F5HT8009FC, F5HT8009FD, F5HZ8005C, F5HZ8009AVA, F5HZ8009BC, F5HZ8009DC, F5HZ8009DD, F5HZ8009FC, F6HZ8009BCA, F7HT8009AYA, F7HZ8005TA, F7HZ8009ADA, F7HZ8009AYA, F7HZ8009BAA, F81A8009EC, F81A8009FD, F81Z8009FB, FB500OC, FLX000139, FOR18, H0437202P, HD1079, HDC010043, HDC010043SK, HDC010509, HDC010512, HR900018, LT1079, S9018, S9018PA, SCSI239413, SRK7202, TR9413, XC3Z8005BA