International Navistar Radiator - Plastic Tank TR7121P

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OE Core Size41 x 28 x 2 1/4
ConnectionsInlet 2 1/2 & Outlet 2 1/2
NotesUse TR7344P if Core Height needed is 46 3/8, TR7122P if 35 5/8

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Products specifications
Core Size 41 x 28 x 2 1/4
OEM Numbers 0AIN9155, 11C7562ST, 1517903C91, 1517904C91, 1517905C91, 1517906C91, 1517907C91, 1517908C91, 1517909C91, 1517910C91, 1616363C91, 166413C93, 1693644C1, 1693644C91, 1693644C92, 1698623C91, 1698743C1, 1698743C2, 1698743C91, 1698743C92, 1698743C93, 1698845C91, 1698895C91, 1699561C91, 1699594C91, 1699607C91, 1699668C91, 1699668C92, 1A16400G, 1A16465G, 1A16466G, 1A16555G, 1A16619G, 1A16620G, 1A16634G, 1A16636G, 1A16816, 1A16817G, 1A16818, 1A16819, 1A16820, 1A16821, 1A17013G, 1A17014G, 1A17017G, 1A17069G, 1A17070G, 1A17071G, 1A17072G, 1A17073G, 1A17075G, 1A17213G, 1A17214G, 1A17215G, 1A17216G, 1A17217G, 1A17218G, 1A17219G, 1A17220G, 1A17221G, 1A17222G, 1A17223G, 1A17224G, 1A17225G, 1A17226G, 1A17269G, 1A17302G, 1A17303G, 1A17304G, 1A17305G, 1A17306G, 1A17307G, 1A17308G, 1A17309, 1A17309G, 1A17312G, 1A17313G, 1A17314G, 1A17315G, 1A17316G, 1A17317G, 1A17321G, 1A17348G, 1A17350G, 1A17351G, 1A17352G, 1A17353G, 1A17354G, 1A17355G, 1A17356G, 1A17357G, 1A17970G, 1A17971G, 1A17972G, 1A17973G, 1A17974G, 1A17975G, 1A17976G, 1A17977G, 1A18130G, 1A18132G, 1A18133G, 1A18134G, 1A18135G, 1A18136G, 1A18137G, 1A18140G, 1A18141G, 1A18377G, 1A18378G, 1A18379G, 1A18385G, 1A18508G, 1A18668G, 1A18669G, 1A18670G, 1A18673G, 1A18674G, 1A18675G, 1A18735G, 1A18736G, 1A18737G, 1A18738G, 1A18739G, 1A18740G, 1A18741G, 1A18742G, 1A18743G, 1A18745G, 1A18746G, 1A18748G, 1HTGGAHT3YH338913, 1S180070, 1S180099G, 20013503, 2004398C91, 2006981C91, 2006981C92, 2009528C91, 2009528C92, 2009529C92, 2010106C91, 2010106C92, 2017954C91, 2017963C1, 2018973C91, 2018974C91, 2018975C91, 2018976C91, 2018977C91, 2018978C91, 2018979C91, 2018980C91, 2024380C91, 2024380C92, 2024381C91, 2024381C92, 2024382C91, 2024382C92, 2024383C91, 2024383C92, 2024384C91, 2024384C92, 2024385C91, 2024385C92, 2024386C91, 2024386C92, 2041294C91, 239149, 239323, 239324, 239349, 239350, 2400059, 2400061, 25000, 2502151C91, 2502189C91, 2504470C91, 2505389C91, 2505398C91, 2508431C91, 2585798C93, 2585978C91, 2585978C92, 2585978C93, 2585978C94, 2586329C91, 2586330C91, 2586330C92, 2586330C93, 2587236C92, 3500840C91, 3500841C91, 3500842C91, 3500843C91, 3500844C91, 3500845C91, 3500846C91, 3500847C91, 3500848C91, 3500849C91, 3500850C91, 3500851C91, 3500852C91, 3500853C91, 3502941C91, 3502941C92, 3502942C91, 3502942C92, 3502943C91, 3502943C92, 3502944C91, 3502944C92, 3502945C91, 3502945C92, 3502946C91, 3502946C92, 3502947C91, 3502947C92, 3502948C91, 3502948C92, 3502949C91, 3502949C92, 3502950C1, 3502950C91, 3502950C92, 3502951C91, 3502951C92, 3502952C91, 3502952C92, 3502953C91, 3502953C92, 3502954C91, 3502954C92, 3502955C91, 3502955C92, 3503889C91, 3503890C91, 3503891C91, 3503892C91, 3503893C91, 3503894C91, 3503895C91, 3503896C91, 3503897C91, 3503898C91, 3503899C91, 3503900C91, 3504405C91, 3504406C91, 3522380C91, 3522380C92, 3522381C91, 3522381C92, 3522382C91, 3522382C92, 3522383C91, 3522383C92, 3522384C91, 3522384C92, 3522385C91, 3522385C92, 3522386C91, 3522386C92, 3522387C91, 3522387C92, 3522388C91, 3522388C92, 3522389C91, 3522389C92, 3522390C91, 3522390C92, 3522391C91, 3522391C92, 3522392C91, 3522392C92, 3522395C91, 3522861C91, 3522861C92, 3522862C91, 3522862C92, 3522863C91, 3522863C92, 3522864C91, 3522864C92, 3522865C91, 3522865C92, 3522866C91, 3522866C92, 3522867C91, 3522867C92, 3522868C91, 3522868C92, 3539353C91, 3539354C91, 3539355C91, 3539357C91, 3539363C91, 3548746C92, 3548747C92, 3548748C91, 3548748C92, 3548751C92, 3548752C92, 3548753C92, 3A43676G, 3A43704, 3A43704C, 3A44911G, 3A45465G, 3A46004C, 3A46005G, 3A46015G, 3A46129G, 3A46130G, 3A46328G, 3A47388C, 3A49806G, 3A50166G, 3E8834D, 3E8856C, 3S0107260000, 3S0437880000, 3S10669C, 3S10726, 3S11289, 3S11544, 3S46004C, 3S51168, 42002069, 42002216, 4210002, 437121P, 437121S, 45530, 45967, 557121, 557121A, 5967, 615RA003, 640003, 640003AP, 640003BT, 640003PT, 640003ST, 640003WFA, 640003WFB, 640004, 6403, 90010, A596744TN, ABPN2020013503, BT7121, BTC7121, CR9323, CR9324, CR9349, CR9388, CTVT59674, CTVTM59673, CTVTU59673, CTVTU59674, CVT59674, CVTM59673, CVTM5967B3, CVTU59673, CVTU59674, CVTU5967A3, CVTU5967B3, EE42002069, EE42002212, FLX000704, FLX000706, FLX000707, FLX000708, HD0933, HDC010001, HDC010001PA, HDC010001SK, HDC01001AA, HDC010036, HDC010036AA, HDC010052, HDC010052AA, HDC010068, HDC010068AA, HDC010251, HDC010416, IN31, IN31F1, IN31F2, IN31PA, LT0933, NAV03, NAV03AP, NAV03FA, NAV03FB, NAV04, OEM4210187, ORIN0001A5CM, PR28581G, R0437121P, R2585978, R4200206, RADIN102, RC2354, S585978C92, S6403, S6403PA, SCSI239149, SCSI239349, SCSI239350, SRK7121, SRK71213LH, SRK7121-3LH, SRK7121F1, SRK7121F2, TR9149, TR9323, TR9324, TR9349, TR9350, TR9448
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Make International
Model 2554
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Model 7600
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