Freightliner Radiator - Solder On Tank TR7116SHD

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OE Core Size36 1/8 x 27 1/2 x 2 1/2
ConnectionsInlet 2 1/2 & Outlet 2 1/2
Picture NotesPicture shown is a bolt-on tank version of this model.
NotesTR7116SHD is 3 row HD Cooling. See TR7116S for 2 row Std Cooling.

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Products specifications
Make Freightliner
Core Size 36 1/8 x 27 1/2 x 2 1/2
OEM Numbers 0516377001, 0516378000, 0516378001, 0516397000, 0516397001, 0516397002, 0516397003, 0516524000, 0525990000, 0525990002, 11C7536, 11C7536ST, 1AH00022, 1AH00036R, 1AH00060, 1AH00071, 1AH00071R, 1AH00080, 1AH00080R, 1AH00080S, 200020, 20011704, 239011, 239355, 239455, 2AH00080, 310071T, 376753351, 376761611, 3AH00134SP, 3AH00193SP, 3AH00199SP, 43022, 437116, 437116P, 437116S, 5016397001, 516347001, 516377001, 516378000, 516378001, 516397000, 516397001, 516397002, 516397003, 516524000, 525990002, 557116, 557116A, 613RA004, 6805002203, 7116, 79669, 800004, 800004AP, 800004BT, 800004ST, 8004, 8MK376753351, 9609R, A0516377001, A0516378000, A0516378001, A0516397000, A0516397001, A0516397002, A0516524000, A0516542000, A0525995000, A0525995002, ABPN2020011704, B6569, B6817, B6819, B7694, BHT79669, BHTB6569, BHTB6817, BHTB6819, BHTB7694, BHTC1673, BHTC1680, BHTC1688, BHTC1724, BHTC2252, BHTC2481, BHTC2483, BHTC7877, BHTC7880, BHTF1432, BHTF1438, BHTF1444, BHTG9652, BHTG9667, BHTH0134, BHTH0136, BHTP2038001, BT7116, BTC7116, C1673, C1680, C1688, C1724, C2252, C2481, C2483, C7877, C7880, CR9355, CTME80493, CTVTM80223, CTVTU80223, CVTM80223, CVTU80223, EX03AH00105SP, EX03AH00105ST, EX03AH00199SP, EXO1AH00022, EXO1AH00060, EXO1AH00071, EXO1AH00071R, EXO1AH00080, EXO1AH00080R, EXO3AH001105SP, EXO3AH00134SP, EXO3AH00193SP, EXO3AH00199SP, F1432, F1438, F1444, FLX000203, FR41, FR41WF, FRE04, G9652, G9667, H0134, H0136, HD200020, HDC010011PA, HDC010011SK, HDC010646, P2038001, RA004, RC2373, REA4210003, S8004, S8004F, S8004PA, SC239011, SC239355, SC239455, SCSI239011, SCSI239355, SCSI239455, SPI20011704, SRK7116, TR9011, TR9355, TR9455