International Navistar Charge Air Cooler CA1264

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OE Core Size41.25 x 24.68 x 1.63
ConnectionsInlet 4.00 & Outlet 4.00
NotesSee CA1286 if Inlet 4.00 & Outlet 3.50 connections are needed
 Same as CA1115 but with straight connections
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Products specifications
Make International Navistar
Core Size 41.25 x 24.68 x 1.63
OEM Numbers 00637606, 053, 1134A, 1E5128G, 1E5613, 1N180070, 1N180078, 1N180078G, 1N180099, 1N180099G, 1S0056130000, 1S180078, 1S180078C, 1S180099, 1S5128, 1S5613, 1S5613G, 222232, 2508432C1, 2587235C1, 2587236C91, 3589553F91, 3589553F92, 37419L, 44013519, 441264, 56258XC, 615CA134A, 637606, BT1134A, BTC1134A, CA2232, CAC1134A, CAC134A, DHT9L, DHTIH9L, DURIHDAC9L, FLX010729, HDH010306, HDH010306BP, IE5613, IHDAC91, IHDAC9L, IS5128, NAV16425, NAV16425N, NAV16425R, NV9B, NV9L, NV9LMAX, R0441264, S19929, SC222232, SCSI222232, SPI44013519, SRMIH9L, SRMIHC9L, WSR1134A, ZGSC021