Freightliner Charge Air Cooler CA1146

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OE Core Size36.88 x 26.50 x 2.00
ConnectionsInlet 4.00 & Outlet 4.00
NotesUniversal Fit. Tabs on all 4 corners. Fits other models without Tabs on certain corners.
 10 tabs on grill side and 2 side mount holes on passenger side
Products specifications
Core Size36.88 x 26.50 x 2.00
OEM Numbers0123394000, 0123394001, 023, 1107B, 1107C, 1107EH, 1107H, 122901000, 122951, 122951000, 123394000, 17V9762, 18115, 18119, 1AA00111, 1AA00111S, 1SA00207, 1SA00207R, 1SA00209R, 1SA00211R, 222126, 222159, 222202, 23707, 23709, 2AA00111, 2SH00062, 37415L, 37415Q, 37415QS, 3741AG5Q, 3741AG5QS, 44011706, 44011707, 44011722, 441146, 441146U, 441147, 441237, 44FR5L, 44FR5LBP, 44FR5Q, 44FR5QS, 4859600001, 4859605001, 4865700004, 4867500001, 4867500004, 4867505004, 611041, 68924, 7065640001, 7104780001, 72101, 72104, 72105, 85107507, A0519502000, A0519502002, A0520659001, A6730, ABPN08BH5Q, AR441704, B5434, B8673, BH5Q, BHT1AA00111, BHT1SA00207, BHT1SA00209, BHT1SA00211, BHT2AA00111, BHT68925, BHTB5434, BHTC2313, BHTC5334, BHTD3521, BHTD3522, BHTH0173, BT1107B, BT1107C, BT1107EH, BT1107H, BTC1107B, BTC1107C, BTC1107EH, BTC1107H, C2313, C2869, C5334, CA2038, CA2159, CA2202, CAC107B, CAC107C, CAC107EH, D3521, D3522, DHT5Q, DHT5QS, DHTAG5Q, DHTAG5QS, DHTAGFR5Q, DHTAGFR5QS, DHTFR5Q, DHTFR5QS, DURAGFR5Q, DURAGFR5QS, DURFRDAC5Q, DURFRDAC5QS, FL5I, FL5L, FL5LMAX, FL5N, FL5Q, FLX010215, FLX010217, FLX010218, FRCAC001, FRDAC5I, FRDAC5L, FRDAC5Q, FRDAC5QS, FRE5TU, FRT18115, FRT18115N, FRT18119, FRT18119ED, FRT18119N, H0173, HDH010196, HDH010246, HDH010246BP, N0441146, N09BH5Q, PPD710478, RHT023, S17115, SCSI222038, SCSI222159, SCSI222202, SPI44011707, SPI44011709, SRMFR5L, SRMFR5Q, SRMFR5QS, USFRDAC5Q, WSR1107C, WSR1107EH, ZGCC001, ZGDC010, ZGRP014