Mack Charge Air Cooler CA1129

OE Core Size24.69 x 18.62 x 2.76
ConnectionsInlet 4.00 & Outlet 3.00
Related ProductsTR7224
NotesDriver side connection 4 inches in from edge of tank.
 See CA1258 for one that 8 inches in.
Products specifications
Core Size24.69 x 18.62 x 2.76
OEM Numbers04C1208N, 1030105, 1030170, 1030393, 1113D, 21331437, 222071, 374118O, 3MD531, 44013005, 441129, 44MAC18O, 621CA113D, 817165, 98020298, ARA3005, BHMA18O, BT1113D, BTC1113D, CA2071, CAC1113D, CAC113D, DHT18O, DHTMA18O, DURMADAC18O, FLP010429, FLX010429, HDH010204, HDH010204BP, HDH010204P, MAC17319, MAC17319ED, MAC17319N, MAC17319R, MADAC18M, MADAC18o, MK18E4, MK18E4MAX, RHT036, SC222071, SCSI222071, SRMMAC18O, SRMMAC18OBP, USMADAC18O, WSR1113D, ZGBB012